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About Indian Palace Express

Indian Palace Express Speciality Restaurants Ltd. is the name of a grand and passionate journey of flavours, unraveling authentic cuisines and sharing them with the world. It started as a tiny restaurant created by a bunch of foodies for some more foodie friends and even after 105 renowned restaurants and eight award winning cuisines, we are proud to say it still remains a Restaurant Group by the foodies, to the foodies and for the foodies.This proves the mile stone in the history of Food. Because at the heart of the group lies the passion of Anjan Chatterjee, and his weakness for good food that turned into a great strength for Speciality Restaurants! He started Only Fish in 1992 with the nostalgic flavours of Calcutta, in the fast lane of Mumbai. The forty by forty square feet crowded dining place drew gourmets and food critics alike with the unique flavours of Calcutta. Anjan Chatterjee realized the dearth of speciality cuisines and wanted to make good the lack of authentic flavours in the stand-alone.

From a crowded dining place to fine dining destination was a leap of faith, passion and grit. Speciality Restaurants Group had two flagship brands, Oh!

Indian Palace Expres is providing these Some extraordinary facilities:-
  • The management has extended the facility of credit to the holders of American Express charge card.
  • Facilities exists for the physically challenged guests to feel and be comfortable. Special chairs for the toddlers, are also available if required.
  • A first aid kit stocked with the basic first aid medicines and along with some life saving drugs has been kept on the premises.
  • A local call P.C.O. has also been installed.
  • The Restaurant provides Audio Visual entertainment through in house V.C.P., digital video disc player and CD player.
  • Wet tissue and sugar substitute powder also provided on request.
  • Washroom conveniences provided seperately for ladies and gents.
  • Piped music, Emergency Buzzer, Hand Dryer in the wash room.
  • Arrangements on to grow vegetables and rear meats at the organisation's own farm and orchard.
  • Penpals, Tele Friends, Dating Club to be operational soon.
  • Charge your cell phone while you eat facility. Fully climate Controlled.
  • Latest stock exchange indexes and precious metal rates flashed on the moving sign displays.